Best Legal Dianabol Alternatives


Invented in the summer of 1999 by Muscle Labs USA, Dianadrol has quickly become the most popular oral anabolic available due to reports of extremely dramatic muscle strength and size gains. Dianadrol’s special formula includes a chemical called di-methadrostenol which creates a substantial ergogenic action after being taken.

Dianadrol pills are completely safe and have very little hepatotoxicity because they lack a altered C-17th carbon configuration. Additionally, due to its unique structure, Dianadrol seems to have a longer half-life of anabolic activity present in trained skeletal muscle. Aromatization and water retention also seem reduced because of this configuration. Users are reporting gains greater than any other legal oral anabolic compound without the negative side effects. It provides:

  • Bigger Muscles: Faster muscle growth and muscle tissue repair
  • Strength Increase: You’ll see yourself getting stronger in every exercise
  • Better Nitrogen Retention: Delivers better muscle pumps in the gym which results in increased muscle size
  • More Energy and a Better Focus: You’ll be more motivated to hit the gym

While most people say that Anabolic steroids, including Dianabol, are harmless, recent health issues within the bodybuilding community tell us a different story. A safe and legal Dianabol alternative like Dianadrol is capable of helping you increase muscle and strength without having to worry about the side effects or health issues. While many of us want to increase muscle, we also want to remain healthy.


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Diandrobol by Muscle Labs USA Sports Supplement, the best legal Dianabol on the market. Cnsidered the best weight gainer bodybuilding supplement designed to offer drastic and rapid results. Safe and legal this supplement is most often used during the bulking phase of training.

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Clinically proven to build lean muscle mass. Fights free radical damage to muscles and hence assist in anabolic muscle building. Increase energy, aggression and fight fatigue in muscles. Burn calories even at rest due to larger muscle mass. Boost metabolism help give muscles shape and definition.

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