Is Dianabol Banned or Legal ? Here’s How To Tell

Does Your Dianabol Contain Methandrostelolone (Banned Dianabol)?

Banned Dianabol (“Dbol,” as it is most commonly known), contains the ingredient Methandrostenolone.  (the “granddaddy of anabolic steroids”), is illegal because of it chemical composition.

Methandrostenolone is a harsh anabolic drug and has several known side effects on the human body.


Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). Dianabol aromatizes testosterone, converting it into estrogen. Estrogen increases in the body.

Male breast sensitivity can become so intense that surgery indicated to remove the mammary glands bilaterally from their pecs, in order to manage pain.


• Generalized organ stress (including heart and other vital organs). Excess water retention or bloat, another side effect of the lowered testosterone and increased estrogen levels.


• High blood pressure. Life-threatening for those who already with high blood pressure, causes high blood pressure in those not previously experiencing it.


• Inefficient cholesterol levels. Another of the common side effects, which can increase the “bad” cholesterol in your body.


Hepatic (liver) dysfunction and/or failure. Result in permanent damage or death; Dianabol ,an oral anabolic steroid , more liver-toxic formulations on the market.


• Testosterone suppression. Suppresses testosterone to the degree that almost certainly a need for exogenous testosterone therapy warranted, based on the usual indicators.

Methandrostenolone is Both Illegal and Unsafe

SCOTLAND’S top doctor warned young men, risking their lives.

Using powerful anabolic steroids, trying to bulk up bodies.Dr Catherine Calderwood spoke of her concern as experts revealed a growing generation of image-obsessed men. Turning to the controversial drugs and unlicensed hormones.

The vast majority of users are not athletes cheating their way to glory. However, instead most young men ­injecting ­dangerous bootleg substances for cosmetic purposes.

Because health watchdogs say most steroids on the black market manufactured in underground labs. While flogged by unscrupulous dealers and over the internet.

However, users also inject counterfeit human growth hormone(HGH) and GHRP6. A drug that increases natural growth hormone levels.