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Breaking through a plateau – When we use anabolic steroids for a number of weeks their effects become less apparent, why? Because the body begins to build a tolerance to the steroids and their effects. Muscle gain and fat loss slow, the effects of the steroid used for 6-7 weeks lessens.

Basic Information on Dianabol

Ways to increase these effects and not experience this loss of gains is to increase the dose of the said steroid(s). Or adding another steroid. This is where Dianabol comes in.

Research states introducing more anabolic and androgenic steroids can help us bust through this plateau. This isn’t the only way, changing your diet and also training style will help. Using high volume instead of HIT would benefit the user, but it’s best to change a lot of variables and adding something like Dianabol will really aid the steroid user.

Dball Steroid and PCT

Bridging or using Dianabol during PCT – Now this is a tricky subject because a lot of people will disagree with what I am about to write, but others will agree and I will try and remain unbiased. We know that a Dianabol cycle is inhibitive to the HPTA (even in small doses of 10mg/ED). Not advised to be used at the start or during PCT.

PCT is the time we want to recover endogenous testosterone, not inhibit it and cause more problems to an otherwise traumatic experience. However, Dbol used AFTER the user has recovered testosterone output to baseline levels or around baseline in low doses.

The consensus years ago were that 10mg taken in the AM would not suppress the body’s own testosterone, that’s nonsense, it will and dose hinder testosterone output. So what are you suggesting? I am suggesting recovering first, then using a small dosage of Dianabol in the AM or pre-training that’s what. But the user has to have recovered testosterone output before this otherwise they risk compromising their PCT and wasting valuable time and money.

DBOL Stacking

Stacking – What steroids are best to use with Dianabol? Well, the answer is almost everything. Dianabol is one of the most versatile compounds available (and it’s cheap) and can be used anything from pre-training as a kick, stacked with Testosterone Propionate, Deca-Ddurabolin for mass, Winstrol for cutting (but its noted liver toxicity needs to be taken into account). It’s used in doses from 10mg every day right up to 150-200mg every day (abuse) by IFB pro’s and those alike.

Used for short periods in burst type fashions and pulsing too at larger initial doses 3x week or EOD. I have used Dianabol plenty of times, but most prefer it at 5-6 weeks (beginning of a steroid cycle) at a dose of 30mg every day all the way through with a liver aid, such as Milk Thistle at 1g every day. That is a tried and tested method still used by the masses and more experienced users.

Dianabol Side Effects VS Legal Dianabol Alternative, Diandrobol?

Dianabol was created for the sole purpose of enhancing performance, not a lot of anabolic steroids can claim that title, but Dianabol can. Ever since its creation in 1956 it has been one of, if not, the most popular anabolic steroid used today.

Why? Simply because it works. It’s cheap, widely available but it does not come without side effects. Being an anabolic steroid, it will exert both positive effects and negative effects (sides) on the user or subject. These can be limited with the use of the right ancillaries and doses; we will discuss more about Dianabol’s side effects below.

Dianabol Side Effects

As with most anabolic steroids there is a possible risk of side effects or negative effects associated with their use. This is not solely linked to Dianabol, other anabolic steroids will give the user side effects, some worse than Dianabol and others less severe. Not everyone will experience side effects from Dianabol use, but some sort of side effects will become apparent with continued use and when the dosage of Dbol increases.

Genetics play the most crucial role on what side effects the user will experience and how pronounced these are. Combating these side effects will again depend on genetic predisposition and how well the user responds to medication that limit or prevent the onset of Dianabol side effects.

Diandrobol, Legal Dianabol

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